Welcome back to home learning day 10, now how quick has that gone!

Let us join Mrs Thomas and  Craig for our Friday worship.

Hazel Class Day 10 Work – Maths, English and Topic

Today is the last day before the Easter holidays. I shall add a blog with some voluntary activities that you can do over the Easter holidays.


In maths today I would like you to complete the telling the time quiz I have set on purple mash.


In English today we are going to be joining all the parts of your mystery story together.

I would like you to write your mystery story from start to finish.

Remember to use all the writing features we have looked at.

The 5 senses.

Character descriptions

Clues to solve your mystery

A conclusion, how is your mystery solved?.

I would love to see and read your mystery stories.  So please do email me, either typed or pictures of your stories.

I look forward to reading them, and trying to solve your mysteries.


In topic this would have been our last lesson, so I would like you to create a poster all about the UK. Try and include all of the things we learned about. I know this will be hard without your books, but I think google might be able to help.

We have looked at:

Countries that make up the UK and also Great Britain.

The counties of the UK

Capital cities and famous cities and towns, including Lancaster.

Famous physical geography. Famous natural landmarks

Famous human geography. Famous human made landmarks.

All about London

Union Jack - Wikipedia


Mr Turton’s joke of the day.


What do you call an Easter bunny who has been kicked out of school.



Have a wonderful day and excellent Easter everyone, have fun and stay safe. You have all worked so hard and I am blown away each day looking at how good your work is. A big well done, and now as you’ve been so good you can have 2 weeks off.


Mr Turton