Well done for making it to Friday, here are today’s home learning activities.


Here is today’s activity sheet.

Mild- Divide 2 digit by 1 digit 3

Spicy and Hot – Divide 2 digits by 1 digit 3


Today I would like to write your very own mystery story using all the features we have been looking at over the last two week. Here is a check list of the features I would like you to include.

Capital letters and full stops

Finger spaces

Adjectives for description

Similes and metaphors for description

Sentences with ellipsis …

Short snappy sentences for tension.

A mystery which needs solving.

Stilling Time

We did this in the first week of school after summer and you all really enjoyed it and found it very relaxing.

Stay as still as you can and simply watch the clouds go by together. See if your little one can spot any shapes among the clouds


Today I would like you to learn the lyrics to the song we have been looking at this term in music.

Think about what the lyrics mean and how relevant they are at the moment.

Three Little Birds


For today’s art lesson you are going to need to watch the video on the link below and then use the maps I have provided to create your very own 3D map.

BBC 3D Map Clip

Pick one of the maps below and draw and colour the famous landmarks.




Have a great weekend, keep smiling.