Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks last instalment of home learning activities. Have fun and I’ll see you all next week.


Here is today’s maths video.

Here is today’s maths activity sheets.

Mild- 2 by 1 digit multiplication

Spicy – 2 by 1 digit multiplication

Hot – 2 by 1 digit Multiplication

Extra Hot- 2 by 1 digit Multiplication



Today in English we are going to be looking at using short  snappy sentences to build suspense. Using these in our mystery writing will build the tension just before a pivotal moment in our story.

Here is what you need to do.

As well as sight, think about what your character can hear, smell, touch and taste. This will enable the reader to feel the tension, the anticipation, the warning of approaching danger etc. more easily.

For example:


  • The footsteps were louder. Another creak, another shuffle, just down the corridor. Now only seconds away.
  • The sound of the wind among the trees suddenly stopped.
  • The world was completely still. Nothing moved, not a leaf quivered, but over the silence brooded a ghostly calm and the whisper of his smoking breath as it rose in gasps and lingered in the frosty air.


  • Her foot kicked something round, hollow, something which rolled away into the shadows.
  • He ducked as something dark rushed through the air and brushed his head with its icy fingers.


  • Sally cupped her fingers around her nose and mouth, but the stench of graveyards and decay wafting up from the darkness seeped through her fingers and made her retch.
  • She took out a handful of green powder from her purse and tossed it on the fire. Within seconds, a very sweet and heady scent filled the room.


  • The drink was bitter and stung her throat as she swallowed it. She could feel it scorching through her veins.


By gradually adding to the atmosphere you are creating, you increase tension; making the setting scary and the action scenes exciting. Think about putting in details such as background noises, flickering lights and shadows, and tricky terrain, such as muddy or uneven ground during a chase.

For example:

  • The batteries in her torch were running low and the beam kept flickering and fading as she moved it from side to side.
  • Rob couldn’t tell where the steps were coming from. He quickened his pace, but the ground was uneven and he stumbled, crashing to the ground.


Today I would like you to write the opening to a mystery story.

You are a detective and you have just arrived at the scene of a crime.

You are investigating a break-in at a bakery. The only thing missing? A very secret ingredient.

 Using short snappy sentences to build tension, can you write the start of this mystery story.

I am very excited to read your stories and see which direction you take.

Good luck

Stilling Time

Enjoy your favourite stilling time.

Banana Banana Meatball


Listen to this piece of music.

Thank about these questions.

Do you like the song?

What can you hear?

What style of music is this?

How is the song put together?

Small People Song Link 

Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers made a guest appearance on the popular kids television show Sesame Street in the 1991-92 season, and sang a Sesame Street version of the song Small People from their 1991 album Jahmekya.

David Nesta “Ziggy” Marley (born 17 October 1968 in Trenchtown, Jamaica) is a Jamaican musician and leader of the band Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. He is the oldest son of famous reggae musician Bob Marley.


Here is another art clip that I thought you would like to have a go at. Find a window in your house and look at the view.

Now after watching the video, daw the view that you see. Be sure to use a ruler and take tour time to get the 3d perspective right.

Art Lesson link.


Have a great weekend and keep smiling.