Good morning, welcome to the first Friday of home learning. I’m very impressed with all the work I’ve seen, so keep it up next week and well done.

Before we start today’s work, let’s join Mrs Thomas and Craig for our Friday worship.

Hazel Class Day 5 Work – Maths, English and Topic

Maths today is subtraction word problems. Read them carefully so that you actually subtract the correct numbers.

In English, I have set a SPaG mat, read and complete each section.

In topic, I would like you to watch this video all about London.

Your task is to re-create a model of a famous landmark of London. This can be any that you like. Use junk modelling and recycled materials you have around the house.

This is an ongoing project, so keep me updated and send pictures once you have finished. I can not wait to see these finished models.


For stilling time today I would like you to have a go at this indoor recess. This video is from Gonoodle and is full of challenges and tasks to have a go with.


Mr Turton’s joke of the day.


Why do French people like to eat snails?

Because they don’t like fast food.


I want to say well done to you all for all your hard work this week. Have a great weekend and keep smiling.