Well how quick has this week gone? Nearly as quick as Mr Twit eating his spaghetti.

However, before we start the weekend here is Mrs Thomas and Craig to lead us through today’s worship.


Follow the link to todays maths challenge.

Friday Maths Challenge.


In English today Read another chapter from the book and enjoy together.

Click here to read the book – The Twits – By Roald Dahl

Select from the following ideas to produce a writing outcome:

Discuss if you would like to be Mr Twit or Mrs Twit and why? Write this with reasons.

Which chapter did you like best? Write a recommendation or book review of your favourite chapter.

Write a diary as if you were Mr or Mrs Twit based on one of the chapters.

Use ideas from this website to plan and make a film of one of the chapters


Our new topic is all about the Romans. Watch this clip and think about this question.

What did the Romans do for us?


Stilling time today.

Have a go at peer massage with your siblings or your grown up.


Mr Turton’s joke of the day.

How do you count cows?
With a cowculator.


Well done on all your hard work this week, keep it up. Have a relaxing weekend and I shall see you all on Monday

Mr Turton.