This morning we had a great experience building dens. We started by talking about what skills we need to successfully make dens. We came up with suggestions like team work, communication skills and good listening.


We then played 2 games that worked on these skills.

In the first we had to order ourselves from smallest to tallest, without talking.


We then played another game were we had to see how high we could count as a group without anybody saying the same number at the same time. We got all the way up to 3.

We then had some time to chat as a group and come up with a better way to work together. The children said that if we stood in a circle, we could all say one number and count up. This worked really well and the class counted all the way up to 4. However on or second go we got all the way round.


We then looked at a good den and then started to make our very shelters. Take a look at the pictures to see how we got on.


Well done to all the pupils, you were all amazing and worked extremely well as a team. Thank you to Greg for providing the session.