Another great week for Hazel Class! I am so proud of all of you and all your hard work.

This week’s homework is a creative one and you have 2 weeks to complete it.

We are loving learning about volcanoes for our extreme Earth topic.

I would like you to produce some creative homework on the topic of volcanoes. There are lots of things you could choose from. Here are some ideas:

  • a model volcano made out of lego, Minecraft, papier mache, junk modelling etc
  • a painting or drawing of a volcano
  • a fact sheet about volcanoes or a particular volcano e.g Vesuvius
  • a labelled diagram of a volcano
  • a PowerPoint about volcanoes or a particular volcano e.g. Mauna Loa
  • a fact sheet about volcanoes or the animals that live near volcanoes
  • a volcano cake!

It is up to you – whatever you enjoy doing the most!

Please hand it in by Thursday 10th February so that we can enjoy sharing them with the class on the last day. We will keep them in school for after half term as well.


Please also practise:

Spellings for Wednesday – try to use Spelling Shed

Times tables for Thursday – have a go on Mathletics

Read your reading book and sign your Reading Record

Thank you so much Hazel Class -you are amazing!

Mrs. Padfield