On Monday we had a great day extending our learning about Ancient Greece. We came dressed as either a God, Goddess, mythical character/ creature, a soldier or as an ordinary citizen. We each explained who we were and our significance to Ancient Greek life and culture. Thank you for supporting your child with this!

In the morning we had visitors who led a workshop.

We learnt about the different periods in Ancient Greek history and made a physical timeline.


We created statues of Greek heroes and God and Goddesses.

We learnt all about the different city states, their main features and how they were governed.

We selected representatives for each city state and they voted on our behalf.

We used our historical enquiry skills when handling artefacts.

In the afternoon we found out about Greek theatre and the similarities and differences to theatre in the UK today.

We researched Greek theatre masks and created our own for comedies and tragedies.


We finished the afternoon with some Greek food – olives, pitta bread, goats cheese, yogurt and honey!