Hello again Beech class,

I hope you are all well. Mrs Quinn showed me the great work you have been doing on the Gingerbread Man this week! I have been really impressed with your super writing! I saw Annabel, Sam and Poppy had even baked some Gingerbread Men, they looked delicious! I wish I could have eaten them! They look much more fun than leaves (although I do love leaves).

Today, I made friends with a strange looking creature …

Mrs Quinn said he is called a Niffler and he is from the world of Harry Potter. She said he likes to steal shiny objects like gold. I have kept my special giraffe coins hidden in my pocket to keep them safe!

I hope you all have a great Easter holiday! Save some chocolate for me! I’m spending the next 2 weeks trying to find Mrs Quinn’s cat Tilly! Still no sign of her!

Speak to you when we get back from the holidays! I’m off to eat lots of leaves and Easter eggs!

love Geraldine xxx