Hi Beech Class,

I am so sad that because school closed, I can’t go home with the rest of Beech class. I was so looking forward to spend the rest of the weekends this year in the different houses of the Beech class children.

Mrs Quinn was in school today and so she decided to bring me home with her to cheer me up. I have been stuck in the cupboard with all the other Beech Class cuddlies like Marie and Tom the Dog for a few weeks now. I was so glad to see her and to get to go home with her.

So far I have had lots of leaves to eat from Mrs Quinn’s garden (which is much better than the crisps I had been eating in the cupboard). I have also met Mr Quinn…

He seems nice. Mrs Quinn has told me she has a cat but I have not managed to find her yet.

I will try and keep you updated with my new travels at Mrs Quinn house although she has said we are stuck in her house for a while! Oh well, better than the stock cupboard!

I will speak to you all soon,

Geraldine xxx