Hi Beech Class,

I hope you’re all ok? Mrs Quinn and I have made a video for you …

We hope you like it!

Here is a good picture of our bunting …

Tilly Cat and I are enjoying the sunshine and our bunting.

As Mrs Quinn said, Tilly Cat is a house cat as she’s scared of lots of things but likes to be in the garden. She’s too scared to go anywhere else! She did have the chance to go out further but didn’t want to! That’s even better for me as I get to spend more time with her, even if she does hide a lot from me!

Some big seagulls flew around today and Tilly was unsure about them all so went to hide in the garden…

What a big scaredy-cat she is! No wonder she won’t go anywhere but the house and garden!

Mrs Quinn, Mr Quinn, Tilly and I are having a VE Day party in our garden on Friday! We will show you some pictures next week but would love to see your pictures too. Please email any you would like to to Mrs Quinn and she will show me what you are up to!

Love Geraldine xx