Hi Beech Class,

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days. Doing that video has taken it out of me and I have been recovering ever since. All that being in front of the camera is hard work!

Anyway, I am back now! I am still missing you all lots! Mrs Quinn has been showing me all your work! You have been doing so well! So please keep it up! I know sometimes it is tricky to do your school work at home but please try to do as much as you can!

Mrs Quinn has been in school this week so I have been having to keep myself busy. So the niffler and I have been playing games …

We really love the Disney quiz. Mrs Quinn got Disney+ as she is a big Disney and Star Wars fan. So the niffler and I have been watching some films and then playing the quiz. So far I am winning! We did ask Tilly cat to join us and she wouldn’t. Maybe one day she will?

Speak soon,
Geraldine xxx