Happy Friday Acorn Class!

As a staff, we all agree that you have worked exceptionally hard over this half term so we wanted to do things a bit differently today as a way of saying well done and thank you!

Here’s the link to your Challenge Grid where you can choose your activities: Funday Friday Challenge Grid

Friday Fun Challenges

  1. Lego Challenge:

Your Lego Challenge is to build some amazing Lego creations. The website below has instructions for some amazing things. I’m really sorry about the name of the website – it’s certainly not just for boys. However, the ideas are great. Of course if you haven’t got any Lego you could use any construction kit. Remember to send me a picture of your creations!


  1. Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK):

I bet there’s someone at home working really hard today, either doing their normal job, looking after you and anyone else who’s there with you, getting household jobs done or maybe all of those things! For your RAOK, take some time to ask if they would like any help. You could help to tidy up, clear away dirty pots, empty the washing basket etc. I’m sure any help you can give would be really appreciated!

  1. Snuggle up with a Book:

Take some time to relax with some reading material. Get comfy and snuggly and read a book. You could challenge yourself to read a little each day over the half term break. Remember to record your daily reading in your Reading Record.

  1. Baking:

Check what ingredients you’ve got at home and have a go at baking something that you and your family can enjoy over the weekend. Here’s a delicious Millie’s Cookies recipe –


You could try these or choose anything else that takes your fancy and that you’ve got the right ingredients for. Here’s another link to a really simple fairy cake recipe:


Good luck and remember to share your baking creations with me!

  1. Let’s Get Physical:

Make some time today for some physical exercise – we all know how important it is for our bodies and minds. I know you all enjoy different things so here are some ideas for you to choose from (alternatively, choose an idea of your own):

  1. Chill out with a film:

Take some time to relax and watch your favourite film, or maybe something new that you’ve been wanting to watch. We all need some down time! Enjoy! Let me know any good film recommendations.

  1. Geocaching:

Join the world’s largest treasure hunt! Access the website below to find out more about Geocaching. It’s a really fun activity to do when you’re out walking. You can download the free app which will show you plenty of caches in your local area that you can search for. If you and your family really enjoy it, then you might choose to pay for the annual subscription but there’s plenty to be getting on with that are totally free. Remember to stay safe and take your hand gel with you so you can sanitise after handling the caches. Let me know how you get on!


  1. RAOK:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day so for your second RAOK, enjoy getting crafty and make a Valentine’s card. This does not have to be for a romantic reason. Think about someone in your local area who is perhaps feeling isolated or lonely at the moment. Once your card is finished you could post it through their door as a really lovely surprise that will brighten up their day!

  1. Get Arty:

Spend some time doing something arty today. This could be as simple as drawing, colouring and even painting. If you want to be a bit more adventurous you could make a salt dough creation. Here is a link to some salt dough instructions.

Salt Dough Recipe and Instructions

Remember to share your creations with me!