This afternoon, we started our new topic called Frozen Planet.

We came in to class after lunch to find an igloo in class and a backpack full of objects…

We looked inside the bag and found a thick coat, snow goggles, snow poles and gloves. We decided these things could have come from someone who had been to a cold place.

We came up with other ideas of what else we would pack in a bag if we were going to a cold place. We thought we would need warm boots, hats, scarves, jumpers and warm trousers.

We spoke about other things that could keep us warm such as food, drink and shelter.

We found out that our new topic was called Frozen Planet and we will be learning all about the North and South Poles.

For the rest of the afternoon, we completed different activities linked to our new topic.

We the drank some hot chocolate to keep us warm. It was really delicious!

We packed our own bags of items we would take to the Polar Regions to keep us warm.

We also made some winter trees to further decorate our new role play area!

We then watched some of Frozen Planet to find out even more information about our new topic!

We have had a really fun and enjoyable start to our new topic!