Good morning everyone,  Well I can’t quite believe it is Friday today.  What a strange start to our term.  Thank you for all your wonderful work and messages.  Keep them coming.

Here are today’s activities,


English: L.I. To write about your holidays.

Today I would like you to do your own ‘Write Stuff’.  Spend 35 minutes writing about what you did or what happened in the Christmas holidays. Think about who you were with and what you did.  How did you feel. Try to include as much detail as possible.  You can focus on one event or one day.

Remember: handwriting, spelling, punctuation, past tense, self edit.  check your work through critically, making any alterations in a different coloured pen when you have finished.


Spelling Test:

Please ask a member of your family to test you on your spellings today.  They must mix them up.  Mark them and send your results from your gmail account to Mrs Holt on her gmail email.  Good luck.  New spellings will be on Spelling Shed today.

Here are the new spellings:

Spellings due 15th January 21  (All groups)

For reference Mrs Holt’s gmail address:


Maths: L.I. To use efficient multiplication

Please look at the video and then use the worksheet for your activity today.


Challenge:  Challenge 8th Jan


Topic: L.I. to locate the main rivers and seas of the U.K.

Look at the information here:

Please read up to page/slide 3.

Slides for Rivers of the UK

Activity sheets:

Rivers activity Flaming Hot

Rivers activity HOT

Rivers activity MILD

Now go back to slide 4 and then the summary slide.

Well done everyone, you’ll all be experts when I see you next.


Well done everyone on a great first week back.  Enjoy your weekend and I will be here ready for you all on Monday morning.

Love  Mrs G. ????