Welcome Willow Class to the last online blog.  Woo hoo, I hear you all shout. 🎉🤩🤸‍♂️💪👏👏

You have done amazing sticking to your online learning and I know it has not been easy for any of you.  I can’t wait to have you all back in class on Monday.

Here are today’s activities:



L.I. To recognise and write some alliteration

Take a look at the BBC Bitesize video first then have a go at these activities.






Spelling test. 

Please log on at 11am and 11.15 for today’s spelling test.

Here are your new spellings for next Friday when we will all be back in class together.

Spellings due 12th March



L.I. To reason with fractions

Please select Lesson 20, the final lesson in this unit.


There are no other work sheets for this today.  You may however log onto mathletics and try out the fractions there.


Class Novel:

I am putting the last two chapters on here for you all to enjoy.  One is here the other one will be at the end of the blog. Enjoy Chapter 10 –


*** Friday Challenge ***

I would like you to build a classroom for the future.  You can draw your designs and plan it.  If you want you can make it too. Use whatever you can find (recycling, is usually good for this).  What will you have in your future classroom? How will you sit, stand, move about, be taught, use technology, play, learn???Lot’s to think about here.

Here are some pictures to help give you some inspiration.



I look forward to seeing what you produce.



Class novel – Final Chapter

We are at the end of this book. Sit back and enjoy the last chapter.



Well done on your home learning through lockdown. See you all Monday!!!!!

I have attached a sheet here for your child to go through with yourself especially if they have concerns about returning.  It may help to talk these things through.