Hi Willow Class.

Well here we are on Friday!!  What a very quick week it’s been.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed getting back into your learning.

Here are today’s activities.

English: The social side of the Killer Whale.

Please watch the Nature Live Online at 11am today.

You should be able to find the link on YouTube under ‘Nature Live Online’. 

Alternatively this is the facebook link for those who parents will allow you to do this.


Join Ellen Coombs and find out more about the social side of Orcas, from close-knit relationships in family pods to sophisticated hunting.

Once you have watched this I would like you to produce a non-chronological report on Orca’s from what you have found out in the live session.  You can do this in the form of a leaflet.  If you need ideas for this you can ask an adult who is shopping to pick you one up in a supermarket as they are often at the front of shops to advertise attractions locally.

I hope you have a great fun finding out about such an incredible creature.

Maths: Games

Log onto mathsframe and access the games on there, there are lots of free ones to try!  Try to challenge yourself and use the knowledge you have already.  I hope you have fun!

Now instead of a separate blog for your Friday Challenge, I have included it here for you this week.

Friday Challenge!

A few weeks ago I asked you to make a bug hotel for your little creatures in our outdoor spaces.  Well I thought it would be good to help to feed our wildlife too, particularly the birds.  I bought a bird feeder and it went very quickly so I started to look to making my own to save some money.  It is so simple and lots of fun.

Here is a link to make bird feeders using only a couple of simple ingredients.  You could try experimenting by making different shapes and sizes and using different containers.



Have a lovely weekend.

Love Mrs G ?????