Good morning and happy Friday everyone!

*** Google class meet this morning at 9.30am ***

Here are your activities today:


L.I. To write my own poem on a theme

Today I would like you to complete your write stuff as normal for 35 minutes.  Using everything you have learnt about poems this week so far, please write your own poem on any animal you like.  It would be advisable to write it about one you know about.  This will help with the describing it.  It can be free verse so doesn’t need to rhyme or you can make it rhyme, it’s up to you, but it should make sense.   If you complete your poem in less time then you can have a look and see if you need to edit it at all. Remember to make sure you have a great first line to hook the reader in.

If you need inspiration there are lots of animal poems  for 8 & 9 year olds on the children’s poetry archive website. Have a listen to help with ideas but your poem must be your own!

Good luck and I hope you have fun writing this.



Please send your results to Mrs Holt  Remember you must use your own school gmail account to do this.

[email protected]

Or you can use her other school account:

[email protected]

Here are your new ones due Friday 12th February

Spellings due Friday 12th February



L.I. To calculate non-unit fractions of quantities

Please use the link below for your maths learning today. Click on lesson 5.

You will need to print off the worksheet so that you can use it if you need during the video.



*** Friday Challenge!***

Today I would like you to try if you can some finger knitting!  You have already done some of this or you may never have done it before. It doesn’t matter as it is really simple.  Here is a video for basic finger knitting and I will also share a link for 4 finger knitting if you want to be more adventurous!



Here is the 4 finger knitting link


Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for all your hard work.

Love, Mrs G. 🥰❄💻🌷🌈💜💛