Well here we are, it’s Friday, not just any Friday, it’s the last Friday before the Easter holidays!  It does seem strange saying holidays when you’re not even in school.  Later on today I will post a review blog with pictures on from this week. Well done everyone for all your hard work.

First of all let’s start with our Friday worship with Mrs Thomas and Craig.


In the worship Craig talks about encouraging you to create a cross to display in your window.  This is to remind us that the cross is a sign  of hope, just like the rainbows which you have created.

Here are today’s activities.

English: L.I. To show my understanding of the text.

Today is the final day of ‘The Butterfly Lion’  I have included the last two chapters although the final chapter is very short.  Please read through and enjoy the end of the book.

Here is today’s final activity for the book and the text.

Last two chapters text

Last two chapters activity

Well, what did you think? How did it make you feel?  Were you expecting this ending? What did you think was going to happen?

Don’t forget to do the spelling test!  Make sure you write it in your book along with your score.

Spellings due for the first Friday after the holidays – Friday 24th April.

Spellings due 24th April

Maths:   Number Review

Friday 3rd April Number Review

R.E. L.I. To understand Peter’s denial

Today I am including the next part of this topic in R.E.

Peters denial activity.

Finally I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy Easter time.  Please check out the Easter activities blog.

Happy Holidays Willow Class.

Gob bless

Mrs G. x