Good morning Oak Class! I can’t believe we’ve reached another Friday. I hope you’ve all had a lovely and productive week. Remember that the next two weeks are officially the Easter holidays so Mrs Poole and I won’t be posting daily work for those weeks. There is still Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Mathletics to be working on and I’ll post some Easter hol activities later on.

Now for today…

Maths – LI – Use the idea of a multiplication pyramid and a set of given numbers to make the largest number possible.

For maths today, and following on from the work we have done so far this week, I want you to logon to Mathletics and complete the multiplication pyramid challenge I have set for you.

Access the work from your main screen by clicking on the orange Explore button. You will then see a list of Activities and in there you will find the Pyramid Puzzler activity.

As you work, think about these strategic questions:

  • How can you make sure you are getting the largest product of these 4 numbers?
  • Are there more than 1 solutions to the order of the 4 digits in the bottom row? Why?
  • Is the order of the numbers important? Why?


LI – To perform poetry that has been created using figurative language and personification.(Task 1)


LI – to create and perform a Shakespearean style sonnet. (Task 2)

Yesterday, you worked hard to edit and improve your poem or sonnet. Today, I want you to make your final checks and any changes before writing up your completed poem in neat, either in your work book or by typing it. Once you have done this, perform your poem to an audience (your family members). If you want, you could ask someone to film your performance and if you can, share it with me. Enjoy!

Stilling Time – Rainbow Yoga

Following on from this week’s Rainbow Challenge, I thought it would be nice to do this guided ‘rainbow’ yoga with Adriene. Enjoy!


Art – Please do some more work on your Antony Gormley project that I set you last week. I’d love to see pictures of what you produce and anything I receive, I’ll add to our learning review post later today.

Music – I’ve set you a 2Do on Purple Mash. LI – explore harmony and build up musical scores.
I’d like to you have fun composing a ‘Rivers’ piece of music. Think about the different features you’ve learnt about: source (the music would be gentle/quiet here); tributaries (add in some different instruments); meanders (have fun representing these with sounds); waterfall (loud and dramatic), etc. Don’t forget to submit your work. Have fun!