Hello everyone and welcome to Friday!!

Worship:  Please watch today’s Friday worship which is a Celebration Assembly

*** Google class meet here at 10AM for English/Catch-up ***



Did you know that when you cough it travels up to 60mph (miles per hour)!  BUT, when you sneeze, it travels up to 100mph!!!???


Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To count in tenths.

Please  watch the powerpoint from yesterday then go onto purple mash, I have set a 2do for this activity today.

Tenths powerpoint 2 24.prn



L.I. To listen to poetry

Today we are going to listen to some poetry together in our google meet and then answer some simple questions about it.

Listen to these three poems:

  1. Don’t feed the animals by Robert Hull    https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/poem/please-do-not-feed-the-animals/
  2. How to turn your teacher purple! by James Carter  https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/poem/how-to-turn-your-teacher-purple/
  3. Wanted: Wizard’s Assistant by Laura Mucha  https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/poem/wanted-wizards-assistant/

Questions to think about:

Which one did you like?

What things about the poem did you like? Be as descriptive as you can and don’t use, just because I like it!

Try to write your own short poem.  Try to make it silly like these but make sure it makes sense.  Remember it doesn’t need to rhyme to be a poem.

You can send me a copy if you like when you have finished it. You may write it or type it, it’s up to you.  Have fun!



Don’t forget to do your spelling test today!

Here are the new spellings due 5th February.

Spellings due Friday 5th February


*** Friday Challenge ***

This week our challenge is linked with the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. Have you decided to take part?  If not you can still help our feathered friends here…

I would like you to make your own bird feeder.  You may need a couple of things but these are easy to find.  I have included a video and some suggestions on what different ones you may want to make.  there are other videos on Youtube if you wish to make one with lard or on cardboard! Photo’s below the video.

It is winter time and birds need our help at this time of year to get them through to spring.  I look forward to seeing your feeders!   Have fun.


Make sure you join in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend and get counting those birds.  All the details are on the blog posted yesterday.


Have a great weekend everyone.

Love Mrs Graham  ?????