Well happy Friday everyone!

I can’t believe we have done a week already!  You’re doing a great job and I’m proud of all your efforts.

P.E.   It goes without saying, Joe Wicks.  I know, I’m aching too!

If you are not that keen then there are other physical activities available.  You may prefer going out on your bike for example, with a responsible adult, for some much needed exercise!  You could set up a circuits class in your outdoor space or set yourself a challenge physically. Whatever it is, make sure you are out of breath. ? Oh and send me a picture of what you are doing, I would love to see.

English: L.I. to write about the first week of home school.


Use only one page from your book to write about what happened this week. The things you liked, the things you didn’t. What surprised you, what was funny, how you felt about being at home.  Remember you need to think carefully about punctuation, spellings and paragraphs. Don’t forget to read it through to check if it makes sense.  Good luck. ?

Adults:  Your child does write stuff every other Friday in class.  We sit with calming music on and nobody is allowed to chat. They are not allowed help for spellings etc as we quite often use this amongst other things as assessment of their abilities.  They write for 35 minutes. We use a timer that they can see to help them plan their time to be able to complete their task.  It is about the quality not the quantity and building their stamina for writing.  Oh and they will probably tell you, but we DO have juice and biscuits afterwards as a little treat.  ??

Spelling Test – Adults please test your child into their home work book and record the total.  I usually mix them up so they are not in order.

Maths: L.I. To convert between metric units of length.

Please copy and complete the following into your books.   Remember that there are examples at the top of the page to refresh your memory.

I will post the answers later in the day for an adult to mark for you.

converting units of measure TYM pg82

Answers for TYM Pg 82

R.E. L.I. To understand the meaning of trust. 

Friday 27th March unit 4.4


Well that’s it for this week.  Thank you all for interacting well with your online learning.  Remember to keep sending me pictures and messages. I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you do.  Let’s hope the sun keeps shining.  Stay well and look after your families too.  I’ll be back on Monday!

P.S.  I will upload some pictures from this week later today onto the main website blog, so look out to see if your work is featured!

Mrs G. ???