Hi Willow Class,

Well what lovely weather we are all having this week.  I hope you’ve all had time to enjoy lots of it, making sure you keep hydrated and protected from the sun.

Here are today’s activities:


English;       ‘Write Stuff’

L.I. To write a recount of a day in the life of ….  (you) 

Today I would like you to write about one of your days this week.  It needs to tell me all the details about who you were with, what happened and to who, where were you, what was it like, how did you feel, what did you think?   You need to write in chronological (time) order for it to make sense. Make sure you give yourself time to check it through to check for errors.

Remember, this must be your own work and you must not ask for help with planning, spellings etc. 

In terms of how much I suggest no more than two sides of you home school book and no less than one.  Try to write uninterrupted for a period of time, I suggest 20 minutes or more.  If you can, try and re-create the calm atmosphere we have in class with some relaxing music and let your mind flow.  You may set yourself no longer than 10 minutes preparation time.   Good luck.

Here is some music which you may find helpful



Today is spelling test day. Don’t forget!

Here are the spellings for next week.

Spellings due 3rd July


Well here we are on Friday!  I am going to make this the last day for this unit.  I know there are other lessons on this but I think you’d like something different.  So for today log onto the Oak academy year 4 maths as usual and scroll down to shape an symmetry and click on lesson 10.


I would have thought by now you are all now triangle and shape experts.  Well done.



Please take a look at Mr Garvey’s blog today.



Please make sure that you save some time to be ‘still and calm’ in the day.  I have attached this 3 minute mindfulness relaxation video which is for children.  You will need to find somewhere to be quiet without interruptions. This could be anywhere, your bedroom, in the lounge or the garden. Maybe an adult would like to share the experience with you.  After all we all need to relax.  Make sure you listen to the instructions carefully.

I hope you enjoy it. it certainly made me feel relaxed when I tried it.


Now please go and check out the ‘Friday challenge’  You will need some things so I don’t expect you to do it today but have a look, then gather what you need and then have a go.

Make sure you check out the Learning Review blog for this week too.

Finally, I am in school next week on Key Worker duty so hopefully I will see some of you there!

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for working so hard.

Love Mrs G.