Hi everyone, here is Lenny saying ‘Happy Friday!’ to you all.

Here are your activities for today.

Spellings:    *** Google classroom meet ***

11.00am for Groups 1 & 2.

11.15am for Group 3.

Here are next week’s spellings:

Spellings due 5th March


English:  Write Stuff!

L.I. To write about the half term holiday

Today is ‘Write Stuff’ day.  So set aside 35 minutes uninterrupted where you can focus on your writing.

I would like you to tell me about a day of the half term holiday which you enjoyed.  It needs to be in the style of a diary.

Please use the checklist here


Remember to check your work!



L.I. To subtract fractions

Please access the next lesson which is Lesson 14 on the Oak academy website.


Remember to go back and play the video again if you are at all unsure.

Here are some further activities:

subtract fractions MILD

subtract fractions HOT

subtract fractions Flaming HOT

Answers – Subtract Fractions


Class Novel



***Friday Challenge!***


Here is a picture from a Brazilian artist called ‘Romero Britto’. He does bold and colourful pieces which ae known as ‘happy’ pieces of art. I think they are great and really eye catching.

I would like you to create a piece of artwork in the style of Romero Britto .

You will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • pencil
  • black out line pen
  • colours, felt tips are best here.

There are two video’s to watch, one which shows you the drawing part and the second one focuses on the colours used.  I hope you enjoy!  I can’t wait to see your ‘Romero Britto’ inspired art.

Here is the second video.

She will talk about the pens she is using but you use whatever you have.  The idea is that you don’t leave any white of the paper showing. Try to use your pens in the same direction and go slowly.


Well done Willow Class.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Mrs G ???????‍♀️