Happy Friday everyone.

Please watch this weeks Worship with Mrs Thomas and Craig.  I know that you love to sing along just as I do.?

See I knew you’d be singing along!  I hope you did all the actions too.

Today we are going to be doing our ‘Write Stuff’.  Remember put some relaxing music on and set a timer for 35 minutes.

Today ‘s title for your Write Stuff is:

L.I. To write about a time when I accepted a challenge.

This can be about anything such as a physical (running or cycling, etc), mental (spellings, times tables, etc) challenge or something personal such as setting yourself a goal of some kind. It can be anything. Have you overcome a fear? If you are stuck speak to a family member as I am sure that they will help you think of something.

I would like you to write about it in the first person as it is about you. Also include how you felt at each stage and how different things  affected your commitment and outcome.  I would like to know if you succeeded and if you did what did you do then if anything, what did you feel about it afterwards or if you didn’t what you felt and what do you think now about it.

Spelling test day!!!  Ask an adult to test you.  They must mix the words up so they are given to you in a random order. Write your answers in your book with the date please.  Good luck.

Next weeks spellings:  Spellings due Friday 2nd May

Maths – L.I. To solve number and practical problems

Friday 24th April

Now make sure you head over to our new ‘Friday Challenge’ blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Mrs G. ????