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Today:                                                          *** Google Classroom meet at 11AM ***

Here are today’s activities

Worship:  Please click on the link on the blog for Friday’s worship.

English:  Write Stuff  ✍✍

L.I. To write a story based in a magical land.

I would like you to write a story set in a magical land with a boy or girl and a furry creature.  You need to write for 35 minutes with no distractions. You may use 10 or 15 minutes beforehand to help with your thinking.  Here are some pictures of magical lands and furry creatures to inspire your creative writing.

You need to remember recent skills such as fronted adverbials, spelling rules, commas in a list plus all the other things you already know such as adverbs, conjunctions (not always the same ones!) sentence starters, character descriptions, punctuation is also very important and don’t forget to check your spellings and if it makes sense.

No adults should help with this as it is supposed to be independent. 

Please no more than two pages maximum in your home work book.  Then I would like you to send it to me so I can mark it. Thank you.









I am looking forward to reading your stories.  ??



Don’t forget to do your test today!

New spellings for next week here:  Spellings due Friday 29th January


Maths: Area

L.I. to make shapes

Please watch the video then complete the worksheet.


MILD – page one of the worksheet

HOT/Flaming HOT – both pages of the worksheet

Y4 Spring Block 2 WO3 Making shapes

Challenge 1: Challenge 1 Varied fluency 22nd January

Challenge 2: Challenge 2 Reasoning Prob Solv 22nd January



I have looked and there are lots of you not engaging with mathletics.  Which is fine if you are doing other things but you must remember that it is there to use.  You can do whatever you want on there.  To try and help you start using it again I have assigned a task for you.  It is based on Area and you will need your times tables. It is only 10 questions. I have assigned the task starting today and finishing on Tuesday 26th Jan at 3pm.  You have plenty of time to complete it. I hope to see everyone having a go.  Good luck.



Today is dress up day with Joe Wicks or you can click on Mr Garvey’s blog.


*** Friday Challenge ***

All will be revealed in the online lesson this morning at 11AM.  After that I will add it to the blog!


Friday Challenge Banana Bread

Have a great weekend everyone.

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