Hello everyone

I hope you all enjoyed watching my video surprise for you this morning and that you felt proud just like me.

How has the work gone today?

As always, with the maths work, the answers (whether to the BBC work or the White Rose work) are on their websites so I won’t duplicate them.


I’m hoping you all managed to come up with some quality writing to conclude our week’s learning based around Wonder. I’ve not had any shared with me yet and I will be posting the learning review soon so anything you want on there needs to come to me asap.

Please click the link below to access the Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework for working at expected standard for writing and working at greater depth for writing. You could use this like a tick list to check you’ve used all the features in your writing today.

Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework

How did the PE Soup vs Beans go for you all? It was lots of fun but it made me hungry! It’s a good job we did it before lunch.

RE – like the English I’ve not received any work yet. Anything you want on the learning review needs to come to me soon. Hopefully you were able to come up with lots of interesting answers to the key questions about God. There are no right or wrong answers and I’m sure you’ll all have come up with different things.