Well here we are on our last day of this school year. And what a year it has been!


Enjoy this the last worship of the school year.

Definitely a tear jerker although we all wish the Year 6 children a happy future.


I hope you have all enjoyed your year in Willow Class and you can take lots of positive things from it.  I have loved teaching each and every one of you and I wished we could have completed the year in a normal manner altogether in school.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all you parents and family members who have supported your young people with their home learning.  It is not easy for any of you, children or adults.  I have been so impressed with what you have been sending me.

I know that each and everyone of you can go into Year 5 with confidence, knowing that you are capable of the work and the challenges you will have.


My memories of our year together have been so varied. Here is a list of the things which I have enjoyed (well some of them anyway).


  • Walking up Nicky Nook with my friend Gill who lead us expertly.  Lily in plaster and a pot. It was such a windy day and quite chilly up there but we enjoyed our day and the lovely hospitality from the Applestore cafe too.
  • 5 minutes of fame – I learnt such a lot about you through this.  It was great to get a little peek into what you get up to outside of school and the things which interest you.
  • Mr Garvey laughing and chatting about football.
  • World book day and all the wonderful costumes.
  • Our Christingle in church – this is such a highlight every year and is a special time in the church and school calendar.  The atmosphere is always very special indeed.
  • All our practising of songs for the festival which we unfortunately didn’t get to do!  You all worked so hard on learning the words and you all sounded brilliant in class together.
  • And all of us being together sometimes just chatting happily away together, I will miss you all for that.


So here for the last time is your maths:


Weekly Challenges




Today please take some time to think about your friends in Willow Class.  Some of you haven’t seen each other face to face for such a long time.  Try to think about them and remember them how they are.  Spend some time sitting quietly and give a little hope message to them by speaking it quietly.

Please all try to stay in touch as much as possible over the summer, especially with the ones who you wouldn’t normally see.  We all need to look out for each other.  Remember – always be kind.



I have attached a few more activities for you all here.  You may still be doing some from yesterday and that is fine but I’ve added these extra ones for you.




******  FRIDAY CHALLENGE  ******

Our last Friday challenge is a baking one.  I know lots of you enjoyed baking at the start of lockdown so I thought I would give you this challenge.

This is the first ever Victoria Sandwich Cake I ever made and it turned out very well.  It was an easy recipe to follow too.

So to all you budding ‘Bake Off’ wannabe’s here is Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich Cake!



This one includes a very easy recipe for the jam too but if you want you can substitute this for your own jam.  Raspberry tastes best in my opinion!

Enjoy. ?


Wishing you all the very best for your summer holidays. See you about school in September.


Mrs Graham. ????????????????⭐