Good morning to those still at home!


Today we are continuing with our War Horse.

LI – To write a vivid descriptive passage drawing upon the five senses.

Chapter 7

First we will read Chapter 7 and then discuss the importance of sending and receiving letters in a time when there were no computers, phones, television or email. This made receving a letter a major event. Due to the lack of television receiving a letter would be one of the main ways that news was so received.

Watch this video clip about receiving and sending letters:

 Then we will do some Shared writing  – the teacher will scribe a letter from Albert to Joey, in pairs discuss what would be said.

Remember the features of a letter: address on the top right of the page, who it is to on the left hand-side of the page under the address, after the persons name put a comma, then leave the rest of the line and start a new line, each new topic/idea needs a new paragraph, then end the letter with a form of sincerity or expression of emotion.

Write a short letter from Albert to Joey

Read to end of Chap 7 ‘Do me proud, Joey, do me proud’.

Independent writing –  write a response in the voice of Joey to Albert, what has he seen / heard / felt? Plan first by producing a sensory grid based on p.60 where there is a heavily descriptive passage before just going into battle.

Once planning complete, begin writing – can type or write on paper.

Challenge – include range of vocabulary/wow words. Dictionaries and thesauruses used by all.


LI – To solve multi-step word problems.

Today in maths we are looking at solving multi-step word problems.

Maths Friday

Answers will appear later.

If you have finished the activity quickly I have placed a 2do on Purple Mash for reading timetables and converting between different digital and analogue clocks.


LI – To consider the daily life of a Christian

In RE we are continuing to think of the theme ‘Life as a journey’ Please start off by answering the questions below:

Next consider the journey of a Christian.

1)    What does it really mean to be a Christian and follow Jesus?

2)    How does a Christian put their faith into action?

3)    In what way does having faith and following Jesus affect your journey?

4)    Is choosing to journey through life as a Christian an easy option?

5)    Why? Why not?



Now Imagine a day in the life of “Super Christian”!

But remember in truth no one is perfect!


Write or type a diary entry for a ‘Super Christian’, you may want to consider using the points below to help you.


What would be included in a day in the life of a Christian that may not be in the day of a person of another or no faith? Why?

What would be included in the life journey of a Christian that may not be in the journey of a non-Christian? Why?

Think about key events, rites of passage, key people, key places, choices made, and daily/weekly routines.


Your homework will be on a separate blog post.

Have a good weekend!


Mrs Poole