Happy Friday everyone!

Please make sure you watch this weeks worship as it is a celebration one.

I don’t know about you but I loved the singing!


The FRIDAY CHALLENGE  is at the bottom of the page today.

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To find facts about wolves

This is the next day in the plan with ‘Run Wild’ as your focus text.  The last one of these will be on Monday.

Friday 10th July



Today is the last spelling test of this year!  Hurray  ?

Remember though, it would be a good idea to keep practising to help you in year 5.



L.I. To order decimals

Y4-Summer-Block-Order-decimals-2020 Friday



I have also attached the maths challenge if you wanted to give this a go too.

Challenge activity




Please go to the GoNoodle site to access this activity for unwinding.


Remember you can access any of these activities anytime. They are free to use and your whole family can join in too.

Why not ask a family member to join you today?




      Please look at Mr Garvey’s blog today.




How are you all getting on with you lettuce’s and spring onions?  Mine are starting to grow but I have had to bring my lettuce’s in as it has been too wet.  My spring onion is ready to plant into a pot now from the water where it has been establishing better roots.



Last week you made paper cranes and I made some with children in year 3 and 6 who were in school. The pictures were posted on the school Facebook page.  If you didn’t see, then ask an adult if they will show you.  They were quite tricky to do.  Did you manage it?  If so I would love to see them.

Here are today’s Friday challenges!!

1. No Thumbs

Tape your thumbs to the side of your hands (ask someone to help with this) and try to do basic tasks such as opening a door or using a phone. Be sure that the tape is not too tight as you don’t want to hurt yourself, but you may want to use something strong such as duct tape. It doesn’t sound too difficult since you still have all your fingers, but it’s surprising how much we use our thumbs! If you get through the basic tasks, have them do something even more challenging such as writing or tying shoelaces.

2. The other hand

Rather than restricting your thumbs,  try to do everything with your non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed you have to complete tasks with your left hand instead, or vice versa. This won’t work if you’re ambidextrous though! Challenge yourself to write your name or brush your teeth.

3. Pick it up with your feet

Moving further down the body, you can also try to carry out similar tasks with your feet. You can try basic tasks such as picking things up and opening a door, but also drawing and painting.  Just imagine your very own feet-art!

I am just imagining you trying to do these ?


You have worked very hard this week and I am proud of you all. Have a fab weekend everyone.

See you all next week.

Love Mrs G. ?????