Bonjour classe!

I hope you all managed to practice your months of the year last week and your numbers the week before!

This week you’re going to put the two tasks together to answer ‘quelle est la date?’ (pronounced kel e la dat) ‘what is the date?’

You can record the answers straight in to your home learning books.  Try to answer the questions by writing the date in words rather than figures because this will help you to remember them.  For example 2nd February, deux février.


  1. Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?  What is the date today?
  2. Quelle est las date demain?  What is the date tomorrow?
  3. Quelle était la date hier?  What was the date yesterday?
  4. Quelle est las date de ton anniversaire?  What is the date of your birthday?
  5. Quelle est la date de noel?  What is the date of Christmas?

I hope you all have a go at this activity.  Let me know if you have any questions by asking them via this post.

Keep smiling,

A bientot,

Madame O’Donnell