Bonjour Classe!

I hope you all managed to complete the months of the year work from last week as again, we will follow on from this in today’s lesson.

Today we will be looking at the four seasons…en francais!

I’d like you to look at the BBC bitesize link and read through the section part way down about the 4 seasons.  The website is good as you can listen to the pronunciation of each season and have a go at repeating each one.  Make sure you have a go at saying each season out loud so that you can hear yourself.

When you have had a look, listened and had a go yourself then please have a go at the worksheet I have attached.  It’s a simple matching exercise that asks you to match the correct months of the year with the correct season.  Would we put January (janvier) in as a summer month (l’été?) ?

Have fun and keep working hard.

A bientot,

Madame O’Donnell ?

Seasons worksheet