Bonjour Classe!

I hope you’re all well and keeping up with your lockdown learning and home schooling!

Last week I asked you to have a go at learning numbers 1-31.  I hope you did have a look at the website and give it your best shot.

Today I’d like you to have a go at learning the months of the year, no time like the present since we are just starting a new year now.

Have a listen to the YouTube video as the man who sings the song pronounces each month of the year quite clearly.  Part way through the song, the months flash up on the screen with just music.  This is your opportunity to have a go at saying them.  I’ve listened to the song twice this evening and was singing along as it is quite catchy 😄🎵

After listening to the song, have a go at the work that I’ll attach (highlight the link then go to the website)


Les mois de l’annee, The months of the year song

I have chosen a simple task for you to complete, it shouldn’t take you very long.

If you can’t print it out then just do the months of the year cycle in your home school book.

If you have any questions then you can ask via the blog with a comment on this post.

Hope you enjoy it!

A bientot,

Madame O’Donnell


Months of the year cycle work sheet