Hello Everybody!

The children returned to the forest  school site with energy, enthusiasm and excitement, which was lovely to see.

We went on a wander around the site and found that the weather had damaged the mud kitchen, litter had scattered on the ground and the fence that surrounds the fire square had become worn and broken! (Oh no!)

The willow children worked hard in the sessions to collect the litter and repair the fence. We removed the old deteriorated branches and cut new ones down to replace. The new branches were woven between poles to create a strong wind resistant fence. (Sort of).


The mud kitchen wood pallets had also become worn and brittle through exposure to heavy rainfall so we are in the process of moving it alongside the forest school shed. It works quite well here as  the children have created a den behind the shed so the children can use the kitchen as an extension to their area!

The empty space left by old mud kitchen is now an large open space. The children have been challenged to think of ideas of how we can use this space effectively. This of course is open to all the children in the school so if your child has any ideas. send them my way!

Children used the outdoor environment as an opportunity to play and explore. We had lots of den building and team games today.

The children also enjoyed the experience of sitting round a fire in gale force conditions. As the wind howled around us, we enjoyed burgers and hot chocolate. (Ahh the great outdoors)

The children were mesmerised by our hand carved forest school chair and totem pole too. They sat in awe and wonder as they gathered together around the eye catching pillar.

looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Mr Cross