Hello again!

Forest School welcomed the energetic Sycamore Class this half term and they didn’t disappoint as they entered the site with boundless enthusiasm.

It didn’t take long for them to explore and also to create personal dens, bases and private spaces. I was really impressed by the team work shown in their designs. Children had worked hard as a team to hoist heavy wooden pallets  and planks up into the trees to create hidden platforms.

A group of children also found a novel way to hang a disused box from a branch to act as a swing. (Between me and you not sure how safe it is. Wood is meant to bend – right?)

The children appeared confident using the sheath knives and could remember the safety rules from previous Forest School sessions. Lots of sharpening spears and arrows (I will sleep with one eye open from now on!)

We had to reposition the mud kitchen temporarily due to a few bees who were buzzing angrily nearby. The children weren’t bothered though and happily set up shop further up the site.

I hope to see further changes to the site next week as the children look to personalize the area and create a site that feels like an extension of their school or home.

Looking forward to seeing what they get up to!

Mr Cross