Hello all!

The children had the opportunity to explore the top field due to Sports day and many worked around it, either going for a wander in the ‘wild wood’ or building dens in the willow trees which separate the two fields.

The children are constantly updating and altering their tree houses each session. This week we even saw the introduction of an ‘Italian Pizza Restaurant’ with outdoor seating. The children spent a lot of time in creating a menu and even installing a health spa with massage ‘rocks’


The swing has now moved to another tree and has been ‘secured’ over a sturdy branch. The children will now confidently perch in the tree houses (No doubt taking their time to admire GOD’s creation – See Craig for details).

The children were also feeling rather creative themselves so used natural resources for fashion and model shoots. Beautiful!

They have been independently using the loppers to cut down branches too. This class now can confidently and safely use sheath knives, billhook knives and loppers. I’m fairly sure if they were stranded in a jungle they would be o.k.!

One last week to go with this bunch. If the weather is kind I may consider the slip and slide down the hill. (oooooooooooh)

Mr Cross