Hello again,

Another great session with the children from Sycamore Class. I love how they all have ideas and designs in mind before starting the session. The tree houses and platforms they have installed in the tree are sturdy and also have many levels to them. I’ll leave the children to try them out though!

Lots of exploring and altering den’s in this session. The children are thinking hard about the design and features they need within the den. Some children even created a restaurant with menu board attached to the tree.

We used the Billhook Knife this week. The knife is primarily used to split wood so we used the knife to make kindling for the fire. The children had to work in pairs and it involved lots of trust and steady nerves on both side. They were great though, listened well and made lots of wood for the fire.

The children have become so confident using the sheath knives that they now have started to personalise their weapons. I will allow them to bring them home on the last session before we break up for summer. Up until that point the weapons will be kept safe locked up in either the shed or yurt.

Amidst all the rush and exploration, sometimes children just like to chill out in the hammock. I would try it myself, but I’m afraid I would sleep for the whole session. Especially now that I am a weary old man. (Violins)

Mr Cross