It’s good to be back and the children from Holly Class have embraced the freedom and overgrown environment with adventure, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

We have seen a number of activities, games and skills that have the children have independently created. Children have returned either practicing old skills or fresh to learn new ones. They are climbing that tree a little bit higher (Do not worry!), using knives with confidence and control and are thinking of new things and ideas to introduce to the Forest School site. The children are working well in groups and are helping each other to move larger pallets and logs to help in their designs.

We have started to create a ‘Bug Hotel’ stacking wooden pallets on top of each other, the holes and gaps in the pallets have made room for lots of individual bugs, so we have tried to theme each room with different natural resources i.e. pinecones, straw, grass, sticks etc. The children then worked hard to find creatures and ‘house’ them in a room of their choice. I’m sure as word get’s round it will provide a ‘shelter’ for all the small creatures of Ellel, woodlice, worms, frogs, snails, slugs, squirrels, cats, gathered round like the iconic scene from Lion King.

We have sampled a few campfire treats so far, with smores and hot dogs. I keep suggesting healthier options but they are out-voted every time (Shock)

In the coming weeks, we will be looking at introducing some new warm up games and will also hopefully find an area to install a slackline, which the children will love. (especially ones thinking of joining circus!).

Thank you once again for your continued support!

Mr Cross.