Hello everybody,

It looks like I was so excited for half term holidays, that I forgot to do an all important write up of the final week at Forest School.

Well as they say ‘Better late than never!’

The class have been absolutely brilliant over the half term and have co-operated, shared ideas and created some fantastic areas all around the site.

The over exposure to the outdoor environment appears to have had a dramatic effect on the children’s behaviour.

Some children have slowly started to change into woodland creatures, scurrying around the site and imitating the noises.

One child got into touch with his inner Julie Andrews. ‘The hills are alllllliiiiivvvvveeee!’

We created a pulley system to help transport small items up a hill. Fairly sure a few children tried to see if the basket would support their weight. (Unsurprisingly it didn’t)

One child spent the whole session creating a ladder. He needed a little help with tying each individual rung and it sort of worked. I had spent ages making a ramp/ladder to be used in their play. The children thought otherwise and used it as an extension to the mud kitchen (Sigh!)

It has been an absolute pleasure looking after this class and I hope that they have enjoyed their Forest School experience and that this continues during their time at Ellel St Johns!

Mr Cross