Well this half term at Forest School has certainly been an interesting and challenging experience with Mother nature sending everything our way. Sessions have taken place in glorious sunshine as well as icy cold and snow and at Forest School we wouldn’t have it any other way!

A group of children embraced the ethos of Forest School by creating a large home for creatures, taking great care to think about what the creatures would need such as beds, dining tables and areas that will provide warmth and also some things the creatures might not….a power shower, mud bath, gym and Ballpool.   

This term has seen the introduction of 2 new areas Hammocks and The Tight rope/ Slack line. The hammocks are there for children to relax and read or listen to the sounds of nature, the tightrope/ Slack line is there to challenge the children to push their limits and encourage teamwork and confidence and self-esteem. The children were also delighted to use the new Mud slide! We have moved the mud slide from its previous position to allow the ground to regenerate and the mud slide is now in an area which is less threatening to the ground of the Forest School site. The mud slide allows the children to do the things that normally wouldn’t i.e Take risks, roll over bumps and get very very messy.

We have looked into the possibility of using the top field as an extra Forest School site, and the children have loved the opportunity to investigate, and most importantly play up there. Hopefully we can find a way to use both fields as both seem to function really well for Forest school sessions. The weather was not very kind to us during these sessions but allowed the children to create shelters in order to keep warm and also play in the snow!!

Thank you for your help and support this term and an especially big thank you to Mr Thornton for fixing the posts for the Hammocks and Tight rope into the ground, your help was much appreciated.

Mr Cross