Hello All,

The Forest School children love to start sessions with a game to get warmed up. This week we played a game called ‘Toilet Tig’. The game as you guessed is a variation of the playground classic ‘Tig’, however this time when ‘tug’ the children have to stand still and raise their arm like a toilet flusher and cannot move until someone ‘flushes them!’

We provided the children with tools to investigate this week, magnifying glasses and binoculars to look for insects and birds. The children used information books to research facts about any creatures they had found.

The children used this opportunity to revisit and practice their knife skills. I am pleased to report that they all listened to the safety talk and used their knives with great control and co-ordination. (Phew!)

The children used these skills to create weapons for their never ending war. Spears, bows and arrows and swords were created and used carefully during the session. (Honest!)

The children were undecided last week regarding what to eat around the campfire during this session. Half wanted pancakes and half wanted smores. So I created a combination of the two, ‘Smancakes‘ the food of the Gods. The children appeared to enjoy them too!

Their also was lots of opportunity for exploration and general play around the Forest School Site.