Hello Everybody!

It was lovely to welcome Hazel Class back to Forest School. It feels like ages since they last explored the natural environment and was encouraging to see how they explored, developed ideas and co-operated with each other whilst they play.

The children were excited about tree climbing and practiced their skills during the session. The BIG tree has now disappeared leaving only a carved stump and a fancy throne, so the children will have to get creative with regards to where they climb. (Not the shed!)

The class loved to create lots of creative meals in the mud kitchen too! (I blame Masterchef)

Lots of Den building again this week. I have challenged the children to develop their houses each week so the creativity involved is more of an ongoing process. It must be incredibly frustrating to have to start afresh every week, especially when the children are creating very sturdy frames from which to support the house features. i.e. door, windows, roof etc

Obviously there was lots of opportunity to explore the environment, to run, play and no doubt fall in nettles.

The children went to war and during this session added war paint, sharpened spears and prepared for battle. I’m sure this is discussed during playtimes where plans are put in place. I am pleased to announce no soldiers were hurt during the battle.

We enjoyed hot dogs and hot chocolate round the fire too. Especially Felix who nearly disappeared down the cup!

Next week we will be using the sheath knives, attempting to find a suitable place for a tree house (Gulp!) and eating a surprise snack created by Mr Cross. (double gulp!)

Mr Cross