The weather has been very kind to us during the Forest School sessions and the children have took full advantage of this, creating a couple of fantastic shelters. Each week the children use these shelters and even think about modifications which they work as a team to apply during the sessions.

The children have been using magnifying glasses and the binoculars to go on bug hunts. They have found creatures and used the information books to identify the minibeasts and learn facts about them. One of the minibeasts that they found was called a ‘Soldier Beetle’. Upon inspection we learned that one of its main qualities was that it was ‘Blood thirsty’ but rarely bit! (Great). A couple of children also created a ‘Bug Hotel’ where the minibeasts could live. They originally had crammed them all into a small bowl but later decided to expand.

We enjoyed toasted waffles, with melted chocolate and fruit slices round the fire too.

All in all a lovely session once again with the delightful Hazel class! Well done everybody!

Mr Cross