We started this session talking about ‘Sticks!’ how they can be used creatively and positively. The group were challenged to think imaginatively using sticks around the site, they could work either independently or in groups and they responded really well. We had obstacle courses, dance routines and small games invented in a short space of time. Well done Willow Class!

The wind had calmed this week so the children had opportunity to practice their tree climbing skills.

The children excitedly prepared the willow, using peelers to remove the bark in preparation for the giant marshmallows.

The children then toasted their own marshmallows.  (some like it lightly toasted and others well you can only imagine!). The gooey marshmallows squashed between the chocolate biscuits normally keep the children quiet for around 3 mins (If you’re lucky!)

The children also used this session to revisit skills using the sheath knives. The children have remembered the rules well and used the knives with great control and safety.

The children also enjoyed creating dens and ‘homes’ around the site. The children always use lots of detail in their designs and it is such a shame that we have to take the sheets in at the end of the session. The main parts of the homes though will stay in place till next session so the children can adapt them and make changes where they see fit!

On to next week, sadly our last one due to these unusual times, hopefully vegetable stew round the campfire will keep us warm as it will no doubt be cold and raining as it always is on a Forest School day!

Mr Cross