Thank you so much for all your amazing missing posters! It really helped me to find Fluffy!

I had searched all over the house but I hadn’t searched outside! I had shown all your missing posters to Mr Quinn and he was the one to find Fluffy in our garden. He used the descriptions you had written to find him!

It turns out, Fluffy had taken himself outside to find more snow. However, there wasn’t any. Instead, he found some water to have a swim about in as we know how much penguins like water!

I bought him inside the house and decided to let Tilly look after him! So far she is doing a good job!

Thanks again for all your hard work on the missing posters! You really helped us to find him!

I will keep you updated on his travels and I hope I don’t lose him again!

Mrs Quinn (and Fluffy and Tilly) xx