On Tuesday,

We welcomed a visitor into school to talk to the children about electricity as part of our science learning.

Mr Harlow (Jeff) spoke to the children about how electricity travels from the power stations to our homes.  He brought in lots of different cables, some were very heavy!  He spoke about Pylons and the different wires that are on them and which cables bring electricity into school.

The children now know that Brown is a live, Blue is neutral and Green & Yellow is the Earth cable.   He spoke briefly about Fuses and that they use ‘Amps’.

After this, the children had the opportunity to take a domestic plug apart and wire it together.  This was a tricky task for many and required them to develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. We had varying degrees of success but had lots of fun doing it.

Take a look at our pictures of the afternoon.

We would like to say a big  ‘Thank you’ to Jeff for his time and patience and working hard at stripping the cables for the children to use!