Egyptian Trip to Liverpool World Museum

Yesterday Willow Class enjoyed a trip to the ‘World Museum’ in Liverpool. We set off from school on our long journey.  As you can see the children were really excited.

When we arrived we headed into the Museum and had a drink and a biscuit.

Our first stop was to spend a bit of time looking at the exhibits on the ‘Egyptian’ floor.  We were in four groups and we looked at all different artefacts.  In fact we couldn’t believe that some of them were real,  but they were!

At 11.30 we were booked into our ‘Meet the mummy’ experience.  We sat in the theatre room and a lady told us about mummification. Some of us were chosen to be Anubis, the overseer of the process and two priests to perform the tasks.  Although we already knew what happened it was good to see it performed (pretending of course)!  We all had a chance to go onto the stage to place a special amulet on the body to help it into the afterlife, well that’s what the Egyptians did anyway.  We also wrapped the body in bandages and a special song was sung by Anubis.  The heart of the person was weighed against a feather.  If the person was good it was lighter than the feather and they could go into the afterlife.  If the person was bad then their heart was thrown to Anubis’ pet who would eat it!!  We even heard the ferocious animal growling!!!

After this we went back to the exhibits and looked round the rest of it and then it was time for lunch.  We were all very hungry by this point.

After lunch we had a little time before the coach so we went to look round the aquarium.

At 2pm we boarded the coach for our trip home.  What a great day we all had.