Today Oak class took part in an Easter Prayer Day led by Mrs FitzGerald, Craig, Ian and Emily from St John’s church. The children spent time at each station thinking about an aspect of the Easter story. We started with Mrs FitzGerald and Mary meeting Jesus first thing on Easter Sunday morning. We thought about the importance of names and how it feels to have your name called by God. We wrote our names on stones which we then placed in the shape of a cross. Next we spent time with Ian on the road to Emmaus and how it would have felt to meet Jesus, we walked on the running track and then Ian broke bread for us all to eat. Then we went to the Yurt to see Emily and think about how Thomas doubted in Jesus’ resurrection and how Jesus said those that believe in him without seeing him are blessed. Finally we went to the Forest School fire pit and met with Craig and listened to the story of Jesus meeting his disciples on the beach and cooking them breakfast over the fire. It was a lovely calm and contemplative way to return to school.

For the rest of the day we completed Easter related activities such as an Easter story spinner and the Easter story in nature.  At 2pm we took part in the Easter egg rolling competition. Harley won throwing his egg down the entire length of the hill. Finlay, Lewis and Lola were second and third.

Here are some pictures of our activities: