It’s Nearly Easter!

Easter Sunday is next weekend (Sunday 12th April) and I thought it would be great if you made an Easter card or did some Easter crafts at home!

Here is a lovely document to remind you about Easter and why Christians celebrate Easter –

Why We Celebrate Easter

Cbeebies Sand Art Easter Story –

Here are some ideas of Easter crafts you could do at home and also some ideas for Easter card designs –

Easter Card Ideas

Easter Morning Handprint Art

Easter Prayer Card

Egg Box Bunny

Egg Window Decoration

Handprint Chicken with Chicks

Natural Materials Cross

Paper Plate Easter Basket

More Easter Fun –

If you would like to make your own version of a Palm branch there are some simple instructions on ‘St John’s Church, Ellel’ Facebook page.

Don’t forget why we celebrate Easter when you are tucking into your Easter eggs! I hope you have a happy Easter Acorn Class. Keep safe and keep happy.

With love from Mrs Tyson x