Day 4

Welcome back everyone! I’ve been so happy to see the pictures of the children learning at home. Please send any new pictures over to


Imagine you are Jack and you’ve climbed up to the top of the beanstalk. What did you see at the top?

Think about something exciting.

Draw a picture in your book of what you saw and then write some sentences to match your picture. You could describe what you saw.

For example: I saw a house made from sweets. It was colourful and bright. It looked yummy.

You could use the sentence starter:

I saw …


Use your sound mat to help you:


Try to write by yourself without your adult telling you how to spell words. It is the best way to learn!


Maths – Measuring in centimeters

Look through this with your child about measuring in cm and using a ruler.


Play this game which looks at measuring in cm (it should be tablet friendly)


CHALLENGE – extra ideas to do if you like

If you have a ruler or tape measure at home, measure different objects in cm.

or try this …

If you’re feeling super brainy, try this problem …

Remember – explain how do you know to your grown up.


Please look at this pdf for today’s phonics revision.

Phonics revision – day 4


Well-being activity for the day

Select a cosmic kids Yoga activity to do …


Extra activities (optional)

Use your home learning grid to select an activity or complete one of the Jack and the Beanstalk activities from yesterday’s blog.

Here are some PE activities you could also have a go at:



I hope you have a great day. Send over any pictures of work, activities or you enjoying your day in the fabulous weather. Mrs Quinn x